Have you ever encountered the saying “mother knows best” ? To see how this saying may apply in the current pandemic, join Dara Carreon, Josiah Doromal, Bea Itchon, Jal Legaspi, Sab Manlutac, Matthew Santos, and Bettina Veloso in this podcast as they interview their mothers to learn more about what they have to say on COVID-19 protective measures, COVID-19 infection susceptibility, and COVID-19 recovery. In addition, each segment will also include some common misconceptions on the COVID-19 topics, which will be clarified with the help of published journal articles, as well as testimonies from patients who have dealt, and are still dealing with COVID-19 symptoms. If you want to know more about fighting both the spread of the virus and the spread of its common misconceptions, listen to this podcast now.


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